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Stand Your Ground

Listen to me. It has never been as important as it is right now that you learn how the Kingdom of God operates. Now, more than ever, you need to know who you are in Christ, and know the promises of God. Now, more than ever, you have to be able to stand your ground.

Finding Provision

Man was given the earth realm to rule. But man lost his crown through his rebellion in the Garden of Eden. He was deceived and lost the honor, glory, and provision that came with the position. Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life (Genesis 3:17, NIV).

The Tanning Tax: Perfect Example of the Negative Effects of Selective Taxes

-By Dan Pilla One of the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Pub. L. No. 111-148), was a new 10 percent excise tax on indoor tanning services. I discussed this in more detail in the article entitled, “Get a Tan—Pay a Tax,” PTT, January 2010. In a meeting with IRS officials in October, industry representatives told the Internal Revenue Service that the tax is hurting salon owners and that IRS guidance on the tax is unfair and complex.

The Journey to Your Destiny

I think that Christians get confused sometimes. We look for things to be easy. But God never said things would be easy; He just said all things are possible.   See, the way you’re living life right now has capped your ability to expand and move on. You’re living, right now, at your level of capacity, and for that to change, you must change.  

Perception is Reality

Ever heard the saying, “Perception is reality?” Some people think it’s not a true statement, but it is when it comes to leadership. And, the enemy sure knows it.

Under Authority

Whether you like it or not, your destiny is tied to your ability to properly handle the authorities God has placed in your life.

The Lie That Gets People in Trouble - By Dan Pilla

“Right now, because of loopholes and shelters in the tax code, a quarter of all millionaires pay lower tax rates than millions of middle-class households. Right now, Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.” -    President Barack Obama, State of the Union Address, January 24, 2012

Ten Tax Benefits for the Self-Employed

If you are a business owner, I have no doubt you are always looking for ways to increase profit and decrease expenses. One area that people often overlook is the savings and tax deductions that are available for small businesses. I’ve taken the time to put together a short list of ten tax benefits for the self-employed to hopefully help you begin to navigate this important area of your business.

Choose Your Leadership Wisely

If you own your own business or are in the position to choose a leadership team to surround you, whether that may be in a non-profit organization, small business, or large corporation, it is so so important to choose your leadership wisely. I’ve seen it happen time and time again where leadership is poorly chosen and it ends up being more of a burden or hassle for the leader than the help and support that it is supposed to be.

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