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Keep Your Peace

You overslept and you’re running behind. You rush around the house yelling at your kids, and snapping at your wife. Then you get into traffic and find yourself slamming your fist on the steering wheel in frustration. 

Has the Enemy Tricked You?

What promises are you waiting for God to bring to pass in your life?    See what I did there? The whole “waiting on God” thing?

There Is Always Hope

Are you facing a situation that seems hopeless? No matter how hopeless your situation or your life may seem, the Bible says there is hope. You might just need an attitude adjustment. That was the phrase my dad used to use.

You Don't Have To Live With Fear

What are you afraid of? Be completely honest with yourself. Because fear has a way of running your life, and ruining it. Fear will torment you and cripple you. Fear will keep you from reaching your full potential. I’ve been there.

A Special Message on the Life of Dr. Myles and Ruth Monroe

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that I say good-bye to Dr. Myles Munroe. Dr. Munroe was a brilliant leader and minister. I remember when I ministered with him, I introduced myself, and he asked me about my ministry. I told him that I focused on the Kingdom and how it works. I will always remember what he said back to me, “What else is there?” How profound and true; he was a Kingdom man!

Where Do I Fit? Part Two

Last week, I talked about how God designed you for a unique purpose and a unique function and how He has a very specific plan for your life. I left you hanging in that blog, which you can read here. I told you it took me twenty-one years to get the whole picture from God. Twenty-one years.

Where Do I Fit? Part One

God designed everything in nature for a unique purpose and a unique function—including you—and you can’t discover your unique purpose and function without Him.

God Has Promised

What would you do if you got a check for $100 from me in the mail today? I don’t mean one of those pre-printed, marketing-tactic checks. I mean a real check—from my own personal or business account—written specifically to you for $100. What would you do?

Use Your Words Wisely

“I’m never going to get anywhere in this job!”  “I’m so stressed out.” “Well, the doctors say it doesn’t look good.”

Don't Let The Storms Stop You

Have you ever watched one of those shows on T.V. about storm chasers?  You know, the shows with the people who actually speed around the country looking for tornadoes? Yes, tornadoes.